Small Business General Counsel


Developed for business owners who are just starting out or have been in business for less than three (3) years. You may cancel your subscription at any time with 30-days notice. Before being accepted as a subscriber, all new clients must clear a conflict check. 

Included Services:

  • Access to Unlimited Scheduled Attorney Consultations via Zoom/Phone calls (15 minutes each)
  • Access to Unlimited Secure Messaging (24-hour response time during Business Week and 48-hour response time for weekends and holidays)
  • Access to a VIP Client Portal that provides secure messaging, workflow access & status, and document transmittal 
  • Access to One (1) SOS Call/Meeting a month. 
  • Access to all Flat Fee Services at a 10% Discount on our current fees.
  • Access to our growing Knowledge Base
  • Matthew Mazur PA’s Legal Concierge Service – We identify attorneys to provide legal services outside the scope of our representation and help clients retain them to provide those legal services. 
*All subscriptions exclude Government fees or other associated expenses. Such fees and expenses shall be billed to the subscriber before services are completed.
*Additional fees for Flat Fee Services or Special Projects are added upon request and approval as needed.