When YOU need a lawyer, YOU deserve to know how much it will cost before the work begins. This is called upfront pricing, and it has many benefits for YOU:

  1. No surprises: YOU know exactly how much YOU’ll pay from the start.
  2. Peace of mind: YOU won’t worry about unexpected bills while YOUR lawyer is working on YOUR case.
  3. Better budgeting: YOU can plan YOUR finances more easily because YOU know the cost in advance.
  4. Easier decision-making: YOU can decide if the legal help is worth the cost before saying yes.
  5. Fairness: YOU pay for the service, not for how long it takes.
  6. Trust: When lawyers are open about their prices, it helps YOU trust them more.
  7. Control: YOU have more control over YOUR legal expenses.
  8. Focus on results: YOUR lawyer can focus on solving YOUR problem, not on billing hours.
  9. No pressure: YOU won’t feel rushed or pressured during meetings with YOUR lawyer.
  10. Value for money: YOU can compare prices and services to get the best value for YOUR needs.

Remember, it’s okay to ask a lawyer, “How much will this cost?” before YOU agree to hire them. YOU have the right to know, and good lawyers will be happy to tell YOU.

Upfront pricing helps make legal services clearer and less stressful for YOU. It puts YOU in control and helps YOU get the legal help YOU need without worrying about the cost. That’s what YOU deserve when YOU need a lawyer’s help!

* At this time Litigation Matters are not included in our Subscription and Flat Fee Services. They are still billed on an hourly rate. In the event that you are a subscriber and are in need of litigation services, we will provide them at a discount equivalent to that offered to flat fee services for your specific subscription tier.  

Matthew Mazur PA can handle many of your legal issues but may occasionally it is in Your interest for us to refer you to an attorney outside of our firm to better address your needs. Matthew Mazur PA does not currently represent clients in litigation  under its Subscription Plans or Flat Fee Services. Matthew Mazur PA  does not provide services in the following practice areas: criminal, securities, tax, privacy, and intellectual property. In the event that outside counsel is required to deal with a specific legal issue or we believe you would better be served by another attorney handling a situation for you, we will help you locate and retain that attorney and monitor that attorney’s services for you. 

At this time Litigation matters are not included in our subscription and flat fee services. They are still billed on an hourly basis, but we are working on a framework for providing litigation representation on a subscription/flat fee hybrid offering. We are hoping to have that framework ready for beta testing with clients towards the end of 2024. 

Before Matthew Mazur PA can represent you, we need to run a conflicts check. This is an ethical requirement on our part to ensure that our current and past clients do not have any conflicts with you and your legal needs. 

A Scheduled Zoom and/or Phone Call is one that is scheduled utilizing the scheduling system contained in your VIP Client Portal to select available meeting times throughout a subscription month. Calls are scheduled according to availability. A Scheduled Zoom and/or Phone Call is not scheduled utilizing e-mail or other communication methods. It is solely scheduled through your VIP Client Portal. Any attempts to schedule a phone call outside of the scheduling system in your VIP Client Portal will not be accepted and you will be directed to use your VIP Client Portal. Unlimited Scheduled Client Phone Call are blocked in 15-minute windows so that we can service all of our clients’ needs.  You can also utilize your VIP Client Portal Messaging system to seek answers to questions and issues that you don’t believe require an actual conversation. Our goal is to provide you easy access to legal advice and counsel. 

Your VIP Client Portal has a built in Messaging System that allows for better management of your legal issues by centralizing your written messages in Your VIP Client Dashboard. By utilizing this system you help us streamline the services and improve the response times of our services to you.  Messages sent to us via the VIP Client Portal Messaging System will be responded to within 24-hours of receipt during business days and within 48-hours of receipt during weekends and holidays. 

An SOS Call/Meeting is an unscheduled “emergency” “SOS” call to your legal team. To be considered an SOS worthy call, the following must apply: You are injured, A Family member is injured, You have been arrested. A family member has been arrested. Your business is being raided by the authorities. Your bank accounts have been frozen. Your business had been damaged or vandalized. Your business has been robbed. Someone is going to die or have severe physical harm befall them if you don’t speak to your attorney. If the basis for your call doesn’t fall under one of these exemplars, it is not an emergency and should be handled through a Scheduled Call, Email or VIP Client Portal Messaging.