Small Business General Counsel Plus


Developed for business owners who mean business. You may cancel your subscription at any time with 30-days notice. Before being accepted as a subscriber, all new clients must clear a conflict check.

 Included Services:

  • Access to Unlimited Scheduled Attorney Consultations via Zoom/Phone calls (15 minutes each)
  • Quarterly Scheduled Checkup Calls via Zoom/Phone Calls (One 1-hour Zoom/Phone Call once a Quarter for annual subscribers)
  • Monthly Scheduled Checkup Calls via Zoom/Phone Calls (One 30-minute Zoom/Phone Call  a month)
  • Access to Unlimited Secure Messaging (24-hour response time during Business Week and 48-hour response time for weekends and holidays)
  • Access to a VIP Client Portal that provides secure messaging, workflow access & status, and document transmittal 
  • Access to Two (2) SOS Call/Meetings a month. 
  • Access to all Flat Fee Services at a 20% Discount on our current fees.
  • One (1) Contract Review a month
  • One (1) Lease Review a year
  • Access to our growing Knowledge Base
  • Florida registered agent for one (1) business entity for annual subscribers.
  • Matthew Mazur PA’s Legal Concierge Service – We identify attorneys to provide legal services outside the scope of our representation and help clients retain them to provide those legal services. 
  • Additional Business Entities with the same majority ownership can be covered for 40% off the monthly subscription fee for each additional subscription.
*All subscriptions exclude Government fees or other associated expenses. Such fees and expenses shall be billed to the subscriber before services are completed.
*Additional fees for Flat Fee Services or Special Projects are added upon request and approval as needed.